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Strawnana – Green Powder Hash (1g)
1 gram
THC: 57%
CBD: 3.6%
Cultivated by Emerald Queen farms, where cannabis is produced, the way it should be. Cultivated in the sun, with clean water, organic fertilizer, in native soil. The Emerald Queen sits atop her throne behind the veils of the redwood curtain, in the heart of the emerald triangle kingdom. Fatso OG is a cross of GMO Cookies and Legend OG, that comes from Colorado breeder Cannarado. It has a sweet and spicy herbal coffee flavor with touches of fruitiness and a pungent aroma. Green Powder: This grade has a higher amount of plant material than the orange. It is still as strong but less oily. It is closer to the old school kief. It is easy to sprinkle on a joint or a bowl.